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Mwaniki Daudi is a Commercial and Advertising Photographer base in Nairobi, Kenya. I enjoy Coffee and Travel.

Friday, 30 May 2014

Evelyne and Albert Engagement Shoot

"We knew each other since 2005 where we grew up in Kericho." Albert responded to my obvious question. "We were friends since then until we met in Nairobi in 2011". Listening or reading a love story is and has been one of the most interesting thing on earth. I was  privileged to listen to one has I did a Pre-Wedding shoot of Albert and Eve.

"Our Friendship continued until a year later in November 2012 we started dating. I instantly knew she was the one. 

Last year December we knew time was ripe for marriage. So I proposed to take her to my home to meet my parents and I likewise to her home. and we started plans for the wedding....

 And I will tell you secret that you must keep

 Love in the woods......

 Smell the coffee? ........sorry the flower scent?
 And Yieeeeh..............a lovely couple

Wishing Eve and Alberto a Happy life together and a Great weather, fantastic co-ordination/delivery of service provider and above fun fun fun and joy filled day on their Wedding.

Monday, 19 May 2014

Family Shoot

Now that I am a family man, am finding joy to do something that bring a smile to the whole family. My talent and skill in photography is also a gift to mankind. Therefore, getting an opportunity to do family portraits is equally rewarding.

The first time my  friend and colleague Gilbert saw my photography work, immediately requested whether I could take his family portraits. I couldn't turn him down and for sure one Sunday afternoon turned out to be an interesting day. We had absolute fun has families since I brought my wife and daughter.

Gilbert is blessed with a beautiful lady for a wife and they have one handsome and courageous son, Mike. Please enjoy some shots we did. Not to forget my shooting assistant Jackie. Kudos!
 Our famous TV Personality would definitely say.......Whaaat a Family! My Man!
 Loved the black and white tone.

Lovely Family. Please leave your Comments below.

Monday, 12 May 2014

Property Photography

As a Photographer, am more leaned towards Weddings and Portraits, however, I contacted to shoot some development show house or what you can call a model. I took it since I like new challenges and test my adaptability to new challenges in life. Here are some of the shots I did.
 The balcony
 an executive seating room and a dinner area at extreme end.

 You just want to spend more in the Kitchen.

 Laundry Area
 At SQ

 Guest Bedroom

 And the master bedroom.
 Children's bedroom