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Tuesday, 24 March 2015

Martha and Raymond Good Moments

 Martha is a good friend of my wife ever since they were in college and their friendship has blossomed all this time. The girl has now gotten to that stage in life where she meets prince charming, sparkles fly and the heart warms up for him. 

The lucky guy is non other but Raymond AKA Ray! It's magical to watch these two souls together, the chemistry is just amazing. They love each other to pieces and the best part is that they have committed to take this relationship to a next level. They are ready to tie knots very soon.

 Look at the eyes of Martha, I always tell you that you can read a womans heart through her eyes. What can you see?

 Enjoying every moment spent with each other

 The girl safe and secure in her man care. A great calling buddies. Men....Cultivate, protect and love your woman.

 Awesome right there.

 Even the moon appeared to shine on the Love Birds.

 Wishing Martha and Ray all the best.....Hopefully we shall get an invite to their wedding day.  Cheers!