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Thursday, 9 October 2014

Concert at MJC

It is one of those Wednesdays you are tired after a long day at work. You decide to stretch and fill your water bottle at the dispenser on the entrance of the office block(I sit on that corner workstation with a fantastic view if  the green suburbs of Kyuna and Upper Westlands.) As bend to fetch turn the dispenser knob, I hear fantastic melody coming from somewhere I can't tell! I step out of the office to the lift lobby and discover some live music coming down at Michael Joseph Centre conveniently called MJC! The soothing rythm is a treat to my ears and go downstairs to just get to know more. Who does a concert on mid week? Actually Wednesday?

At the reception I meet to wonderful ladies well dressed. One of them stretches a hand to gre
at me and immediately asked  "Concert Imeanza?" I wasn't sure what or how to answer that. I told we get in to confirm status, only to find big names in Jazz Music doing what they know best.

I rushed to my car at the basement, grabbed my camera and came to have my version of fun. Live band music and photography! Enjoy the photos....



By the way, this chic is a medic! The last time I saw her on  her medical briefing at Lewa Marathon.
Antonio and ....

Friday, 3 October 2014

Tafaria Castle and Country Lodge

People dream big dreams and receive great visions but only a handful follow them up to fruition. On man went all the way to beat all the odds! Boldly dared to think and act differently. To pursue his dream  and brought to reality Tafaria Castle. The impressive piece of art and architecture sit approximately 73km from Nyeri town on the way to Nyahururu.  I had a rare opportunity to interact with the man behind and his wife as well enjoy the facility. During that period, I did what I love most, making pictures. Please enjoy.

The entrance of the castle invites you to an awesome moment of life time. You kinda get an assurance that you are about to get a treat that will go well down your memory lane.
The Castle is simple magnificent!
The chilly breeze and blue sky this particular evening felt as if you are tasting a slice of heaven on earth!

The back yard is spacious, pretty and well manicured. There is fire place that you can enjoy soft music as you keep warm

One thing I couldn't miss is sunrise. It's refreshing and magical! Golden rich sun rise above clear blue sky as you clearly view Mt. Kenya.

For Accommodation, you have several option including the Viking, Damsels, Lost Knights and others.
There is a swimming pool that you can enjoy a swim.
The drive way to the Castle.

The dining area
You can enjoy a movie while at Tafaria.

The meals are prepared from supplies freshly hand picked from the Kitchen Garden.

Interiors of some Accommodation rooms.

Fun Activities include, horse riding, quad-bikes rides as well as cycling among others.

Even the milk is sourced internally from Tafaria Cows! Fresh from the source........literally! ☺!
The Main Gate to Tafaria Castle.

The Damsels.

The bar area
Lord's room.

And because all visionaries are veracious readers of books, there is a library with all sort of books that you can go and enjoy a read.

And the names of all the workers that constructed Tafaria are immortalized on a Pinth of Honour .
Tafaria Castle is a must visit, legendary destination.