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Monday, 23 December 2013

Thanks Giving Day

After a whole year of running  up and down, doing the things we do, it's important to take a day just to say thank you to God for keeping us alive and seeing us through.

At my local church- River of God, a Ministry by KAG under the leadership of our Lead Pastor, Rev. Tony Kiama, we had held a Thanks Giving Day on 1st of December 2013. Am grateful to be a part of an awesome congregation, 'hongela' pastor, deacon board, ministry heads and the whole leadership team of ROG.

It was day full of interesting activities and celebrations of our diverse culture, fashion and food from our different communities. However, above all.... we brought Praises and Worship befitting the King of Kings as a We let the Heaven and Earth know that we are grateful.

 Praise and Worship.........Heavenly Melody and voices.

Great Band.

And the Lead Pastor took a lead in Dancing for the Lord.........................like David danced, however his clothes were well fastened, none fell off.

 The Security Detail left nothing to chance. Proud of you....ROG Crew!

 Rwanda represented!
 The Overflow tent............Congregation streaming live! Thanks to Technology!

 The Kids Centre was Absolute Fun! Lots of games and activities! Bouncing Castles, face painting etc.
The MC of the Day

Outside, the set up was complete.........Different Counties and Provinces represented show casing traditional foods and culture.

 Azzo Levite on Stage..........Form niGani?

There got to have a Cake for a Celebration to be complete.........we joyfully cut and ate the cake!