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Monday, 24 February 2014

A Slice of Heaven on Earth

Over the weekend, I had a chance to visit and tour one of the most incredibly beautiful place I have ever visited in this Country. The Destination is a secret haven for the rich and wealthy. The landscapes, manicured lawns, the breath taking view of Mount Kenya and serenity separates this place from many hotels and resorts. This place is located in the slopes of Mt. Kenya in Nanyuki........The Mt. Kenya Safari Club.....the Fairmount!

Immediately  I checked to my cottage, I could a wonderful view of the landscapes and took my camera ready for absolute fun.
And from the field the scenic view of Mount Kenya was visible.

Can you spot a structure that look like a church....?

Yeap! It is a church. I love the idea of building a sanctuary where even when on holiday at five star hotel you can walk to the woods and have a moment with the Almighty. It's also a classic Venue for a Wedding! I would to attend one here! 

Come with me inside............................
 The benches just give it an awesome vintage look.
 Bible and the Belll........................
 From where I was ......the breeze was just soothing to say the least.
 You could spot the Hotel reception from a distance.
 And went back to the rooms has it was getting dark and chilly.

This is a Perfect Spot to take her on a date and pose the Big 4 words Question. The view of Mt. Kenya and a table set on the balcony with a flower in the middle.......absolutely romantic!

 A king size bed........a treatment for a prince.
 Early next morning I set my alarm to wake me up at 6:30am to capture the mountain and sun rise........
 Great shot sio?
 And could spot the brilliance rays of the sun rise.
 This was a magiacal moment and press the shutter after every six seconds!
 Here are the results.

 The golden light of early morning illuminating the building made a fantastic view.
 The horses...........

 A Slice of Heaven on Earth!

 You know where we are ........

 The bird noticed me and took off at cruising speed!

 The Peacock!