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Tuesday, 24 March 2015

Martha and Raymond Good Moments

 Martha is a good friend of my wife ever since they were in college and their friendship has blossomed all this time. The girl has now gotten to that stage in life where she meets prince charming, sparkles fly and the heart warms up for him. 

The lucky guy is non other but Raymond AKA Ray! It's magical to watch these two souls together, the chemistry is just amazing. They love each other to pieces and the best part is that they have committed to take this relationship to a next level. They are ready to tie knots very soon.

 Look at the eyes of Martha, I always tell you that you can read a womans heart through her eyes. What can you see?

 Enjoying every moment spent with each other

 The girl safe and secure in her man care. A great calling buddies. Men....Cultivate, protect and love your woman.

 Awesome right there.

 Even the moon appeared to shine on the Love Birds.

 Wishing Martha and Ray all the best.....Hopefully we shall get an invite to their wedding day.  Cheers!

Thursday, 29 January 2015

Christafari Nairobi Kenya Tour - Concert at Parklands Baptist Church

On 25th Jan 2015 Sunday afternoon the show was going down at Nairobi Westlands - Parklands Baptist Church.  An Award winning Gospel Reggae Band was in town .... non other but Christafari.

Christafari are trailblazers, continually pioneering the genre of Gospel reggae in the U.S. and throughout the world.
With over a half million albums sold worldwide, Christafari is the top selling Gospel Reggae artist of all-time. After over two decades, the groundbreaking band is stronger than ever… making history in 2013 when their latest album, “Reggae Worship: A Roots Revival” (Lion of Zion Entertainment), hit #1 on the Billboard Reggae Albums chart.

But Christafari is more than a group of musical trailblazers. They consider themselves “Musicianaries” – using their unique blend of traditional roots and contemporary dancehall reggae to proclaim an uncompromising message of hope and salvation to this lost generation.(From their Christafari website - About Us)

The show started like any other concert with curtain raisers.

 Elecrtifying performances and dance.

 Some were completely in amazement of the moves the young men were making.
 The Maasai jump!
 In the house was MC Njugush!!!

 Who said concerts are for old people................?
 The band gets ready.

 Mic check and equipment tuning.

 Christafari History
Christafari was founded in 1989 by songwriter, producer and lead vocalist, Mark Mohr. Raised in a Christian family, Mark strayed from his spiritual upbringing during his teens and turned to drugs and alcohol. After having an undeniable encounter with God at a youth camp just before his 18th birthday, Mark re-committed his life to Christ and took what he now calls his “Freedom Step” out of addiction. At that point, his greatest desire was to help others step out of the same bondage that once entangled him. He felt God leading him to start the first Gospel reggae band in America. It would be a counter-cult, drug aversion ministry that used the conscious sounds of reggae to bring the lost into the light. Two weeks later this fledgling band was birthed at a camp talent show.

The Guy below is Mark Mohr. the Lead Vocals/Founder/Producer of Christafari.
 And the lady below is his wife Avion Blackman(Brother to Isaac Black man). She is plays bass guitar and  a lead vocalist.
 The young man below is Obie Obien.Born in Manila, Philippines. He plays Lead Guitar.

 There are Men of different backgrounds and ages that love live reggae music.

 A birds eye view of the stage
 The audience waiting and ready for a treat  of good music.

 A local gospel band

 Obie Obien was first picked up the guitar when he was 10 years old. He was a musical prodigy and grew up playing Blues and Jazz, learning from several legends of music such as Ray Charles and Slash (Guns n Roses). His mom was a Filipino model/beauty queen and his Dad was the lead vocalist of a band that toured the World preaching the gospel.

 One Love

 JACQUIE GAVIRIA SALAMANCA- Saxophone/Background Vocals
From Bogotá, Colombia

 The genius Lead Guitarist.

 Some felt music to the bones.
 And some recorded every bit with their cam coders

 At last....the most important thing. Souls came to Christ.....many souls.

 The missionaries goes all over the world with their 3 year old daughter. Legendary!